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  • Soft and hard landscaping

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    Biro Proekt is actively engaged in soft and hard landscaping and landscape architecture. Our team is specialized in design and soft and hard landscaping of premises, gardens, parks and other public and private areas (intersections, boulevards, pedestrian zones, etc.), as well as consulting services in this area.

    Our company offers the following range of services in the areas of softscaping:

    biroproektSoft landscape design (indoor and outdoor areas) and hard landscape design with the assistance of engineering experts and highly professional software;

    biroproektDevelopment of three-dimensional layout of your gardens, balconies and any other area with the addition of new ideas and proposals;

    biroproektImplementation of indoor and outdoor, soft and hard landscape design;

    biroproektMaintenance of the hard and soft landscape;

    biroproektTechnical supervision over the installation process, i.e. supervision of all activities related to soft and hard landscaping;

    biroproektConsulting services in the area of horticulture.