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    Public Relations

    What do we offer?

    biroproektAnalysis and plans of short-term and long-term PR needs
    biroproektPR strategy preparation and implementation
    biroproektContinuous PR monitoring and communication with media
    biroproektOngoing communication plans and media activities
    biroproektRepresentation and advocacy in the media and at press conferences
    biroproektMaterial and text selection, preparation and processing for the media, web site
    biroproektMedia space lease, quality control in publishing and broadcasting
    biroproektCreating documentation of the published material in print and online
    biroproektResults-based measurement of PR activities

    Objectives of Public Relation

    biroproektInfluencing public opinion
    biroproektCorporate identity establishment process
    biroproektStimulation of team and work environment within the company
    biroproektBetter way of being informed
    biroproektImprovement of relations with mass media
    biroproektMarketing activity support

    Why do you need a PR strategy?

    biroproektTo upgrade your company's business plan
    biroproektTo identify ways in which public relations can help you achieve the objectives of your company
    biroproektFocus and management of all the communications within and outside your company
    biroproektTo ensure maximum benefit of all PR activities.

    Public relations create awareness of your brand and make your name known to those that are important for your business. They depend on the company's reputation – the result of what you do, what you convey and what the others say about you. If you want your information to be properly posted on your web site, online and offline media, we will help you in achieving your business goals.