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  • Design

    Satisfied customers are the strongest proof of our success

    Biro Proekt Design department exists since 2002. With our team of experienced architects and civil engineers, we design project documentation (projects), studies, reports, analysis, expertise and other documentation in accordance with the standards, norms and regulations for the design and architectural designing of buildings.

    We аlso are create all phases in the process of design:

    biroproekt architecture
    biroproekt sanitary engineering
    biroproekt statics(with seismology)
    biroproekt electrical engineering
    biroproekt mechanical engineering
    biroproekt traffic engineering
    biroproekt fire protection
    biroproekt security and safety at work
    biroproekt and other projects and reports depending on the purpose of building

    Part of the above phases are made in cooperation with external partners from several companies as Balkan Consulting, Beton, Makedonija proekt, etc.

    Today, behind us can observe successfully projects, realized goals and continuing progress and improvement.

    BIRO PROEKT has got:

    biroproektA and B licenses for designing in first and secont category
    biroproektA and B architects certificates for design, revision and supervision