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  • Designing

    Satisfied customers are the strongest proof of our success

    Biro Proekt’s Design Department exists since 2002. With our team of experienced architects and civil engineers, we develop design documentation (designs), studies, reports, analysis, expert reports and other documentation in accordance with the standards, norms and regulations for the design and architectural design of buildings.

    We аlso develop all the phases in the process of design:

    biroproekt architecture
    biroproekt sanitary engineering
    biroproekt statics(with seismology)
    biroproekt electrical engineering
    biroproekt mechanical engineering
    biroproekt traffic engineering
    biroproekt fire protection
    biroproekt security and safety at work
    biroproekt and other design projects and studies depending on the purpose of building

    Part of the above phases are developed in cooperation with external partners from several companies, such as Balkan Consulting, Beton, Makedonija proekt, etc.

    Today our company can boast many successfully completed projects, achieved goals and continuous progress and improvement.

    BIRO PROEKT holds:

    biroproektA licence for design of first and second category buildings.
    biroproektA and B certificates for design and supervision.


    If you want to develop your brand, or improve the functionality of your marketing, you have come to the right place.

    Our team can offer complete solutions for:

    biroproektGraphic Design
    biroproektBrand Building
    biroproektEvent Management
    biroproektPublic Relations

    We are ready to offer original and new ideas, something that will challenge the competition and at the same time make the customers feel delighted and improve your sales.

    Soft Landscaping

    Biro Proekt is actively engaged in softscaping and landscape architecture for your indoor and outdoor areas. Our team is specialized in design and execution of soft landscaping of your premises, gardens, parks and other public and private areas (intersections, boulevards, pedestrian zones, etc.), as well as consulting services in this area.

    Real Estate Valuation Services

    Biro Proekt Company holds a real estate valuation license and is authorized to carry out appraisals of the market value of real estate: residential houses and buildings, business buildings (facilities, warehouses, halls and storehouses) and business premises (shops), administrative buildings and premises, buildings and apartments for leisure and recreation, including other buildings (garages, barns, sheds and huts) and construction land, agricultural land, forests and pastures.