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  • Real Estate Valuation Services

    Biro Proekt Company holds a real estate valuation license and is authorized to carry out appraisals of the market value of real estate: residential houses and buildings, business buildings (facilities, warehouses, halls and storehouses) and business premises (shops), administrative buildings and premises, buildings and apartments for leisure and recreation, including other buildings (garages, barns, sheds and huts) and construction land, agricultural land, forests and pastures.

    Our specialized team of appraisers is available to all those companies that require the use of appraisal services regarding the market value of a specific real estate, as grounds for:

    biroproekt Transfer of ownership rights
    biroproekt Identification of the capital value in case of changes in the capital structure and value as well as in case of statutory changes
    biroproekt Bankruptcy and winding-up procedure
    biroproekt Financing and obtaining mortgage and secured loan
    biroproekt Settlement of receivables
    biroproekt Expropriation procedure
    biroproekt Investment consulting and other cases foreseen by law

    Real Estate Valuation Report

    The Real Estate Valuation Report includes information about the client, the purpose of the appraisal, description of the urban and ownership status of the real estate subject to appraisal, the structural characteristics, elements on the basis of which the appraisal was carried out and conclusion about the market price established for the specific real estate.

    The Valuation Report also includes photos of the interior and the exterior of the building subject to appraisal, as well as explanation of the building properties.